A totally new approach to weight loss with hypnotherapy. FINALLY

  • Shed the kilos and find the body you are really comfortable with underneath
  • Start feeling healthy and amazing
  • Gain a new calm and relaxed approach to eating and food
  • Change the reason why you crave certain foods at certain times
  • Gain a new understanding about food, too much weight and why we gain weight (surprise)
  • Be relieved that there is no yo-yo – effect, no discipline, no willpower but fun, choices and empowerment

Everybody probably has heard by now that weight loss diets and calorie control don’t work long-term and that restricting food with discipline and willpower to lose weight doesn’t get us anywhere and certainly not to feel comfortable in our bodies.

To free yourself from unwanted body fat obviously needs a new approach.

If something is clearly not working we change it!

It doesn’t really matter when you eat, what and how much you eat as long as you eat to nourish your body and not your emotions.

We change the real reason for your excess weight and then it can be quite easy to lose it. With no discipline, no willpower but motivation, choices and empowerment.

No rules, no exhausting fitness program but a better understanding why you eat what, how it makes you feel, why you want or don’t want to move and we also get you out of the craving- guilt -craving spiral.

We find the reason why your body puts on weight and then we change it so that your body can restore a fitted and happy shape.

We transform negative emotions, limiting beliefs, unwanted thought patterns and habitual behaviours around food and so your body chemistry.

We give you new choices how to care for yourself and your body and it will simply let go of too much weight.

Your body doesn’t ever hold on to something it doesn’t need. Losing weight is actually easier than gaining it.

If YOU really want to lose weight (and not your partner or your doctor want you to) and you want to get more relaxed and happy at the same time than this is it for you.

I am looking forward to helping you feeling healthy and amazing in your body. Call or contact us to make an appointment now.

Being free and in charge of your own life and in charge of what you really want is all the same. Friedrich Schiller

Eating disorders:

  • You are not the eating disorder! We don´t manage it, we change it (you are not doomed to life long suffering – it is changeable. I have seen it many times)
  • Gain a calm and relaxed approach to food and eating
  • Find a comfortable, happy body shape
  • Re-find your natural way of eating – to listen what your body wants and recognize when you are physically hungry and when you are full

What we call eating disorders comes in different forms and shapes and with different names. Bulimia, Binge eating to name a few but however they are labelled, they have usually one thing in common – obsession about food, eating and your body shape and a great amount of suffering.

“I am thinking about eating or not eating almost every waking minute of every day.”

“I wake up absolutely determent to be good today and at the latest in the afternoon it all goes bad again and I go to bed full and devastated”

“I am running a successful business and I can´t control myself around food. I am so embarrassed”

“My obsession with food and my body is ruining my marriage and I still can´t change it”

These are just some of the things my clients have told me. And they are happy and in control today.

Bulimia, Binge eating, not eating etc. is an important strategy to deal with negative emotions and inner conflicts. In my experience it is often used to numb emotions, satisfy unattended needs or replace freedom, safety, understanding or control.

We release negative emotions and instead create new, positive ones.

We attend to and address your needs and how to positively satisfy them

We see what it takes for you to feel understood, safe, free and in control or however, you want to feel.

We break the food-guilt cycle and re-find your natural way of eating

I help you to find a new, better relationship with your body and a comfortable, happy body shape

A lot of my clients who experience an eating disorder also tell me:

“I have this voice in my head that is constantly telling me off, criticizing me and making me believe I am not good enough”.

I call this voice the inner judge.

If this is you, we will change the voice once and for all into a positive and loving encouragement.

You are much more resourceful than you may have previously thought you are. I will support you to become everything you want to be. You just have to make the decision, pick up the phone and call for an appointment now.

Food cravings and unwanted eating habits

You can expect:

  • Re-find your natural way of eating – to listen what your body wants and recognize when you are physically hungry and when you are full.
  • Kick cravings and unwanted eating habits
  • A totally new understanding about food and I guarantee you see there is no willpower or discipline required
  • Knowledge on cleaner eating and how you can use it best
  • There are NO FORBIDDEN foods – you are an adult!!
  • You don´t need more money to make choices that suit you

There is a lot of information out there what we should and shouldn’t eat. And on top of this – the information changes all the time. 1000 different diets and many women are more overweight and even worse more uncomfortable in their bodies than ever.

A new nutritional approach is absolutely necessary.

There are no “forbidden” foods – you are an adult!!

I show you what effect different foods and more so preservatives and aromas and other food additives have on your body. I show you that good fats don’t make you fat, why you crave certain foods and that you can keep eating them if it is that what your body wants.

I show you that carbs are not our worst enemy and every food has its place.

You re-find your natural way of eating – to listen what your body wants and recognize when you are physically hungry and when you are full.

On the way there, you will leave behind lots of unchallenged and unproven beliefs and “truth” about foods and trendy diets that you have collected throughout your life or that you got taught and have grown up with.

Trust me it will make your life a lot easier.

You will notice that food battles, cravings, forbidden foods, constantly thinking about food will no longer be part of your life and you will happily and maybe relieved realize and experience that you neither need willpower nor discipline to be slim, fit and healthy.

I am looking forward to helping you feeling healthy and amazing in your body. Call and make an appointment now or contact us via our online form.

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