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Time Line Therapy ® is a series of techniques that allow you to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs or decisions so completely that it enables you to make profound and long-lasting changes. This technology was invented by Dr. Tad James more than 30 years ago and is literally the only process known that was created solely to let go of past burdens and blockages to accomplish a happier, healthier and more successful life. It stems from NLP, Hypnotherapy and Gestalt Therapy and involves the conscious and unconscious mind to make changes on a deeper emotional and physical level.

Negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, unexplained sadness, guilt, constant doubt or the feeling of never being good enough or rejected are all symptoms born out of past experiences and we have integrated them into our internal programming.

Time Line Therapy ™ techniques have demonstrated results in a broad variety of physical and emotional problems in 1000s of people.

It is a powerful technique that allows clients to make long-lasting positive changes in a very rapid way to create happiness, health and success in one’s life.

Time Line Therapy ® is a registered trademark owned by Tad James and licensed to the Time Line Therapy ™ Association. It is exclusively used by members of the Time Line Therapy ™ Association who are professionally and optimally trained to maintain the integrity of the techniques.


How Hypnotherapy helps you to transform your life:
Hypnosis as therapy has been used with clients to make a change at the unconscious level since 1843. It is the use of trance to alter behavioural pattern (like unwanted habits), release mental blocks or install new strategies to achieve the desired outcome.
We are all in trance daily at least twice – before we fall asleep and just after we wake up. Trance is a natural occurring state that everybody is familiar with (sorry to disappoint – no magic).

It blends out conscious thought and focuses your attention to internal processes. Every hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis as it is your decision to follow the words of your hypnotherapist.

If I would say to you “and as you exhale your next breath, allow your eyes to close and let go of the surface tension of your body, just let your body relax…” then who is relaxing your body? Yes, of course you are.

Let´s just say we would have a conscious and an unconscious mind and what if the unconscious mind is responsible for running and preserving the body, your metabolism, your health, habitual behaviour, your emotions and storing memories which it is so it would then make sense that this is a level where real transformation occurs, wouldn´t it?

Hypnotherapy uses the powerful resources of your unconscious mind to change your behaviour, your health and your feelings. Thanks to some terrific scientists, these days it is backed up by a number of clinical studies conducted all over the world.
As a Master Hypnotherapist I use hypnosis to help you transform your life in the following areas:

  • Body weight: reach your desired weight and get the body you feel is yours, develop eating pattern that empowers you and make you feel healthy, enjoy exercising, increase your metabolic rate
  • Increase metabolic rate and your energy levels
  • Be in charge of your cravings: hypnosis has proven to help change unwanted eating behaviours. Let go of sugar cravings, cravings for unhealthy food, overeating and other eating habits that prevent you to have the body shape you want to have.
  • Be smoke-free
  • Stress management: Get a calm and relaxed approach to your everyday life, understand stress and learn to be stress free.
  • Better health: hypnosis has proven beneficial and supportive in the improvement of auto immune diseases and all other diseases that have a stress related component.
  • Thyroid health: every thyroid problem I have treated in the last 12 years (and I have treated many) had an emotional component to it. Hypnosis is a proven modality to help with this emotional component. The physical side of the problem is then able to improve or heal.
  • Change Diabetes (type II): Diabetes is a lifestyle related disease that immensely improves or even completely resolves with a change in lifestyle, diet and mindset. Hypnosis is an excellent modality to master all three of those.
  • Transform anxiety
  • Conquer depression
  • Experience true relaxation
  • Increase motivation in all areas of life

I am registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, in the Heilpraktiker – registry in Germany and as an associative member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA)

Hypnotherapy is a natural, drug-free, very powerful modality that provides an individual and permanent solution to your problem.

Natural Therapy

How natural therapies enhance your healing:

There are two sides to a problem that has manifested in the body. A mental/emotional side and a physical side. When the mental/emotional cause is cleared up the body can heal. To do that your body needs the right building blocks and substances to repair itself.

The body responds incredibly well to natural therapies once the mental/emotional side is addressed.
When indicated, I use herbal medicines, food, Bach Flowers and nutritional supplements as an adjunct to improve physical and mental health.

Thyroid conditions: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements balance thyroid function, increase or decrease T4 production or decrease Thyroid antibodies.

Diabetes: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements decrease insulin output, curb sugar cravings and improve insulin sensitivity on a cellular level.

Anxiety: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements support stability and calmness of the nervous system.

Depression: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements stabilise the nervous system, improve overall mood and motivation and improve serotonin production.

Weight management: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements curb cravings, reduce appetite and increase metabolism, motivation and fat burning

Stress management: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements increase energy on a cellular and mitochondrial level, improve the overall stress response and calm the nervous system

Sugar cravings: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements significantly reduce sugar cravings and rebalance the hormones responsible for hunger and satiety

Fertility treatment:
For her: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements improve ovarian health, balance the cycle, stabilise ovulation, increase fertile mucus, improve mum’s overall health and prepare her body for a healthy implantation and pregnancy.

For him: specific herbal remedies and nutritional supplements increase overall sperm health, sperm motility, sperm count and improve sperm morphology and vitality and can decrease anti-sperm antibodies.

Natural medicine is a drug free, powerful, very well researched solution for many health problems.

NLP Coaching

NLP is a model of communication used successfully all over the world in all areas of life. It is a study of how we talk to others and to ourselves – and how this affects and creates our behaviour. We receive information from outside that we shape through our perception.

We delete, distort and generalise information about outside events and create an internal truth about the event which has little to do with the “real” event. It is our view of that event. This truth will then determine how we feel and thus create our emotional state which regulates our physiology.

While constantly perceiving information from outside in our own “special way”, we create our own “model of the world”. It is our truth, not necessarily the truth of the people around us and it most probably doesn´t reflect the events themselves.

We create our own reality. We also create habits and problems and misunderstandings as the people around us may most likely have a different model of their world. Most of those processes are unconscious and happen “automatically”.

NLP Coaching is about reviewing those processes and change them if they don´t serve you anymore.

Together we can review the steps you unconsciously take to feel a certain way or behave a certain way or understand another person a certain way.

In bringing it into your conscious awareness we together can create amazing change.

NLP Coaching is also about loosening your grip on a problem, creating different views of certain situations, and modelling behaviour that exactly leads to the outcome you want to have and to create a positive emotional state so you feel how you want to feel.

Together we can generate better relationships for you, success at your work, a more positive state of mind, habits that really serve you, help you to make more money and lead you to better health and wellbeing.

How you perceive your life, your chances, your choices and how important people around you feel towards you has a huge impact on creating health and wellbeing and improving or even healing chronic conditions.

If you want amazing change to create the amazing life you want, make an appointment now.

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