Thyroid Conditions / Diabetes

I started specialising in thyroid conditions about 10 years ago when I saw more and more clients, like you, who were diagnosed with a “thyroid condition” with or without symptoms and then told to take lifelong medication. That was it.

And then digging deeper and broader I discovered three things:

  • The thyroid responds extremely well to natural therapies
  • The solution lies in where the thyroid condition actually comes from, if it is auto-immune based and how exactly you are affected by it

Getting rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs and addressing the emotional side of the dis-ease (and there always is one) improves your health fundamentally

I have many clients that are symptom and medication free for years now and my personal opinion is that the thyroid and/or the immune system is restored to health.

The physical symptoms – for most people there are symptoms but some people don´t even have symptoms and got a diagnosis purely based on blood work – come after there were emotional symptoms. Those emotional symptoms might not be obvious to you as they are likely to be stored in the unconscious mind, or they are so familiar to you that they already feel “normal” and part of you.

Interestingly the thyroid is quite easy to treat as it responds so well to Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and some natural medicines.

My personal experience with my clients is that medications like thyroxin are not indicated in many cases. Fortunately, there are some great medical doctors and scientists out there who came to the same conclusion.
We work with the unconscious mind, letting go of all negative emotions and limiting beliefs that affected your thyroid health, give you a conscious understanding of how your thyroid works and use natural, side-effect-free medicines to help your body restore tissue health.

We change your health and much more so that you can get all the amazing things you want in your life.

Take action and call for an appointment now: +61 405-349-185 or contact us via our e-mail form.

Diabetes Type II *
About 6 months ago I went to a so called “Diabetes walk” to listen if people diagnosed with diabetes were aware of all the possibilities to not only improve but completely reverse the condition. I took my friendly white dog Sally and some business cards. I was shocked at how scared and powerless most of those people felt partly because of the information (or lack of information) they have been given like:

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition in which the body becomes resistant to the normal effects of insulin and/or gradually loses the capacity to produce enough insulin in the pancreas. We do not know what causes type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is associated with modifiable lifestyle risk factor. (

Diabetes Type II is a lifestyle related dis-ease with hidden, underlying negative emotions (stress). Because of very good reasons, the cells are not responding to insulin knocking on the door anymore and so glucose can´t get inside the cell. That causes glucose to build-up in the blood while the cells themselves are deprived and it also triggers more and more insulin production even though there is already too much insulin around. This is a very sensible response of your unconscious mind to a damaging lifestyle and a negative emotional state which interfere dramatically with glucose balance. That is all.

Treatment is consequently quite simply.

Diabetes Type II immensely improves or even completely resolves with a change in lifestyle, diet and mindset. Time Line Therapy and/or Hypnosis are excellent modalities to help you improve all three of those.

I help and guide you through this empowering process and at the end, you are back in charge and you can do what it is you need to do, go where you want to go and become what you want to become.

Take action and call for an appointment now: +61 405-349-185 or contact us via our e-mail form.

*I am talking about Diabetes Type II specifically which doesn´t mean that Diabetes Type I doesn´t also respond extremely well to this treatment. To this day I haven´t come across beta cells recovering once they have been destroyed but I see great improvement in the quality of life in my clients.

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