Anxiety/Depression/Stress Management

Anxiety is the emotional state which brings more people to seek treatment than any other. It is paralysing and show-stopping and can interfere with everyday activities, sleep and feeling happy, calm or relaxed.

Some of my clients even were told that anxiety is somewhat a physiological disease.

There is no evidence at all that anxiety is even a dis-ease, rather it is a behaviour that has many different, unconscious triggers.

Anxiety is an unreflected reaction in expectation of a threat (not a real threat)

Unreflected in this case means – something you do automatically, not on purpose.

Anxiety or what you are anxious about is always irrational, never real. Because if you actually experience something real you automatically stop being anxious!

I know that when you are in it, you think “this is me”, it feels real and overwhelming and as if you can´t control it, but what if it is just a learned behaviour, almost like a habit? A strategy that you use unconsciously as a reaction to certain stressors?

We can create profound change through releasing the triggers and changing the strategy. I am with you every step of the way and in quite a short time you can move on, reach that goal, enjoy your day to day activities, actually be happy and do whatever you want to do relaxed, calm and joyful.

There are various theories as to where depression is coming from and why we experience it. And there are different types of depression diagnosed by the medical profession.

It seems to be common knowledge now that depression is not just a chemical imbalance in the brain and that this is certainly not a cause factor.

Although there’s been a lot of research in this complex area, there’s still much we don’t know. Depression is not simply the result of a ‘chemical imbalance’, for example, because you have too much or not enough of a particular brain chemical… Factors such as life stressors can affect the way your brain regulates your moods. (Quote: beyondblue)

The depressed person puts his/her focus inward and focuses on negative past experiences – failures, losses, defeats which have already happened and are fixed facts. Frequently major needs like love and connection are not met. He/she often can´t see anything else, let alone any positive events in their future. He/she has come to the conclusion that “everything is like this and it always will be” and “I have no choice, I can´t do anything about it”. Understandably, this person has little interest in doing anything, because they expect failure or they are too overwhelmed to even start.

What if “depression” is also a program that you run or a specific strategy and it presents in many different ways and severities?

Matthias (name has changed) had just been prescribed anti-depressants which he really didn´t want to take but he also felt that there was something really wrong with him.

He should have been happy. He had a one year old baby girl and a three year old boy, a well-paid job that wasn´t hard but a bit frustrating and a nice wife and a house. But he felt flat and tired; he had started to put on quite a bit of weight and lately started drinking one too many, which he didn´t really like. The constant tiredness brought him to the doctor who couldn´t find anything wrong and so gave him anti-depressants.

After the first hesitation, he started talking and the relief of having somebody listen and not judge him or his wife made him already 50% better. He talked about his frustration with the kids, his job and his wife who was constantly nagging him even though he tried his best to do everything. He really didn´t know anymore where to go from here. With some coaching, he quickly understood how he “did” feeling tired and flat. After two hypnosis sessions, where he could see some goals and motivations, he had a really good chat with his wife and hired a cleaner which she loved and also changed jobs while still maintaining the family income. I gave him some herbs to support his thyroid and the weight came off, literally by itself. He has never taken the anti-depressants and he is a very happy man these days, with a happy wife.

We can create profound change through releasing the triggers and changing the strategy. I am with you every step of the way and in quite a short time you can move on, reach that goal, enjoy your day to day activities, actually be happy and do whatever you want to do motivated, calm and joyful.

Stress management
Stress is a word my clients use a lot when describing how they feel. I have asked myself “what actually is stress?” and I came up with this definition, which is based on my personal experience and my observations from 12 years working with my clients.

My definition:

Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed due to a subjective feeling of not having a choice or not being in charge.
To say it differently, stress is the continuous firing of stimulus which you want to get away from but can´t.
We register the feeling of not being in charge as uncomfortable because we constantly use and overuse the same areas of our brain.

We have a lot of things we unconsciously feel or think we are supposed to do or significant other people apparently expect us to do.

If we bring those things into our conscious awareness, we suddenly realise that we can let go of most of it and focus on things that we actually love to do or do the things we do in a way that suits us.
It is almost like we do a spring clean. We get rid of all negative emotions and limiting beliefs and suddenly life becomes very easy and clear. You realise you do have a choice and you actually are in charge because now you decide what is important for you to do and how you want to do it. Instead of “stressing”, you now create an amazing life that is joyful living for you.

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